Transnational Project Meetings

Meeting in Alençon, France

From 10th October to 11th October 2016

Report on the first meeting

Place : France – Alençon – Lycée des métiers Maréchal Leclerc

Date: Arrival on October 10th

Departure: on October 12th

Partners: coordinators from each country and their teams

October 10th at 7.00: reception at school

A reception took place in the evening at school where all the teachers could meet each other for the first time.

The headmaster delivered a speech and introduced some of the French partners:

Mr LIBERT mayor of a village HAUTERIVE near Alençon

Mrs CHARTIER from the organisation “Signer ensemble” which helps the hearing impaired.

Mrs FERRON and Mrs VYAILHES from the retirement home” la Rimblière”

Mr BOUVET, manager and owner of the Hôtel des Ducs

Mrs MOREL, headmistress of the primary school in Alençon

Mr BEFFREY owner of the association “3D VOL” for disabled people who wish to discover our area by air trike

A video about the project could be watched.

The buffet dinner was prepared at school in our kitchen by our pupils and Mrs Wheeler.

Teachers were given table mats representing a recipe from Normandy. They were made by the pupils, too.

A reporter from Orne Hebdo interviewed Mrs TOTH SOLIGNAC

The Kick off meeting took place on October 11th from 8.30am to 5.00 pm

* In the morning


French Students presented their school to the partners (guided tour)

Mrs TOTH SOLIGNAC summarized the report written by the French agency.

Each country planned a time schedule:

A diary on “google agenda”  about their holidays and bank holidays ,the date for the logo , the dates for the mobilities in Portugal and in France


* In the afternoon

Mrs ASSIER and Mr Dahl from the French team explained how to use the Twinspace

ICT tools were presented (mailing lists, google forms,)

The main activities were structured

Each country precised the tasks to carry out for the first year.

*In the evening

Farewell dinner in a restaurant in Alençon

The pupils from SAGA, a class organized like a firm, contributed in the preparation of the meeting. They filled in forms to invite the teachers, they made posters, they planned the trips from the airports to Alençon.

They contacted hotel managers.

They sent emails to the French partners.

Mr Leguilloux is the teacher in charge of the administration and management courses.


Meeting in Istanbul, Turkey

From 26th September to 27th September 2017




Meeting in Oradea, Romania

From 23th to 24th May 2018